Department of Social Work

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Study counselors

The study counselors come from the academic staff of the Department.

Their role is to advise students through the course of their studies for their training options in adjunction with their capabilities, help them out on any academic difficulty/problem and enable their adaptation to the academic environment.

Study counselors also support students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are kindly requested to contact the counselor as soon as possible, so that the SW training will become an Effortless and effective experience.

Seven study counselors are appointed each academic year, one for the students of each semester.

Semester       Advisor
1st              E.Papadaki
2nd             S. Koukouli
3th              V. Papadaki
4th              N. Ratsika
5th              M. Papadakaki
6th              A. Kalaitzaki
7th              M. Prokopakis
8th              E. Dialinaki


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