Department of Social Work

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Internship – Supervision in Social Work

Through internship, students have the opportunity to be trained in the application of Social Work, thus associating theory with practice in real working conditions. They are supported by social workers who work in the Organizations (at-work supervisors) and are supervised/guided by the academic staff of the department (professors-supervisors). The objectives and learning outcomes of the Internship-Supervision depend on the semester of studies.

Internship Supervision

Internship Supervision is a basic method of training in Social Work. The term ‘Internship Supervision’ refers to the supervision, support, and guidance of the trainee (through group supervision) to apply the principles and methodology of Social Work and to evaluate the results of their intervention within a social service/social organization.

The group supervision is carried out in small groups of students (maximum 6) who have been placed in the same or in a related service/ organization. Through the dynamic process of group supervision and guidance by the professor-supervisor (i.e., supervision carried out by the academic staff), the trainees acquire knowledge and skills to apply Social Work, ability to plan, analyze and evaluate the project they have undertaken.

Students are also encouraged to gradually acquire self-awareness by recognizing the role of personal attitudes-perceptions-prejudices in shaping their behavior, with the aim to modify attitudes, improve communication skills, and espouse a professional attitude. The professor-supervisor helps students to cope with stress, guides and supports the theory-to-practice application, rewards successful interventions, supports students to overcome their weaknesses and encourages them to acquire enhanced self-awareness (which is a prerequisite for a professional attitude).

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