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The Department of Social Work of HMU has a European orientation, through academic programs of exchange of students and teachers.


Our department has laboratories which take part in national and international research projects and publish articles in well-known scientific journals.


Updated information on IFSW and the Covid-19 Virus

The Department of Social Work of HMU aims to train Social Workers capable of meeting the modern social needs, in order to staff the social services of the country. Curicilum is built on the state-of-the-art escience trends and focuses in the following directions:


The specialization in the subject of Social Work through the specialty courses.

Interdisciplinary approach

The interdisciplinary approach to Social Work through courses that cover other fields related to Social Work.


 The internship in the profession. Education in Social Work, as in other anthropocentric sciences, requires practice.

The Department of Social Work produces a very high level of research through the established research laboratories with scientific subjects related to the curriculum.


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Κύκλοι Σπουδών

Bachelor & Postgraduate Studies

Bachelor Studies

4 years duration

The curiculum of the Department covers the theoretical and applied knowledge for the prevention and treatment of social problems, applied social research, planning, development and evaluation of social programs.

Postgraduate Studies

2 years duration

The Department of Social Work of the School of Health Professions of the Hellenic Mediterranean University organized a Postgraduate Program entitled “Interdisciplinary Social Interventions in Crisis Situations”

Doctoral Studies

3 years minimum duration

The department offers the possibility to PhD candidates to work on their doctorate in collaboration with the faculty members. Those interested can be informed by the secretariat of the Department, and contact with academic members of the department according to their research interests.

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